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About us

A message from our CEO

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Welcome to Global Impact! We are globally-known geo-political advisers; media and market influencers; and, public relations experts. We live by our results -- WINNING is the ONLY measure of our success. Our clients are more than just that -- they become our family -- the win comes with consistently producing results. And for our clients -- some of the most recognizable brands and individuals in the world -- we win every day.

Government and perception barriers are a challenge for every entity, especially given the 24/7 news cycle and digital media. We are global experts operating at the intersection of international markets and geopolitics, crafting compelling narratives, strategic messaging, and influencing outcomes that deliver superior corporate and shareholder value. We identify and break down the market and geo-political obstacles to optimize your growth.  We are firm believers in developing innovative ways to address the traditional priorities of overcoming crises, while finding new ways to meet emerging challenges. In that vein, our primary goal is to help our clients gain strategic advantage across all platforms, and we take great pride in the integrated product we create to achieve that goal. We know that our value to you comes not just from the strategic direction, but from the creativity and execution of our work.

Whenever you have a strategic decision to make, we are there to advise you. Whenever you have a challenge to overcome, we are part of the solution. We live, eat, sleep, and breathe for our clients -- our key to success is our unwavering dedication and proven expertise. We work by referral only for this very reason. We are trusted, loyal, and respected assets to all clients with whom we partner. 

We look forward to winning together. 


Yours in Victory, 

Healy E. Baumgardner -- Founder & CEO 

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